single of dual ply?

Mesh heads are made out of a single or dual mesh layers. The big advantage of a dual layer mesh head is a better feel an they are stronger. Single layer mesh heads ar cheaper.


Mesh heads Conversion set for Alesis

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Improve your Alesis drum kit

The Alesis kits with mylar drum head are great, but can be even better. By changing your head to mesh heads your Alesis drum kit (DM5, DM8, DM10) wil improve substantially.

There are different you tube videos that explain the conversion, some helpful and some don't make any sense at all. offers mesh head conversion set. You'll get dual layer mesh heads, cones, cartons and a manual. It only takes you 5 minutes per pad to create a much better drum kit.

Now also for the new Alesis 12 inch drum pads!

Mesh head conversion video

2box mesh heads